Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The stupidity doesn't end.

I'm a smart girl, but sometimes I let a lot of things get in the way and you'd almost never be able to tell. For example - here I am bitching and worrying about how I just can't seem to make it to the gym and somehow walking the dogs never seems to do very much and I honestly hate getting dressed to go out and sweat (Okay, so I get you're not supposed to look good - but what happens if I come across a really cute guy and here I am, not only fat, but sweating like a pig and out of breath? NO THANK YOU). Well, I ventured over to sparkpeople and was exploring (they should really pay me for how much I mention them) and found something miraculous: ONLINE WORK OUT VIDEOS. Helllllloooooo?! Why didn't I think of this before? And they're all in relatively short spurts (between 5 - 20 minutes) so I can spread 'em out throughout the day if I need to, and I can create my own combination. They focus on all the areas using different techniques and it's just great and completely my lifesaver.

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